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English Text Editor for Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Academics

I have been an academic text language editor for more than 15 years. In this time I have carried out the revision and language editing of millions of words of English academic text. Written mainly by Norwegian, Swedish and Danish academics – but other nationalities too. Papers, books and doctoral theses, for academics at very many Scandinavian universities, and for leading journals and academic publishing houses including Springer and Cambridge University Press.

Specialist academic text editing and proofreading draws on many levels of competence. I can call on 7 years of post-graduate academic research experience in my academic editing, and a deep knowledge of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish through 10 years of operating as a freelance specialist translator.

I work with text in a way that is very different from that of many other academic text editing specialists. My focus is not on grammar, punctuation or synonyms, even though I make changes to all three throughout the texts I work on. My focus is on the fluency and communicative power of your text, and on the impact your text has when published.

Many years of specialist experience with language and their interfaces revealed to me that the single biggest obstacle to fluency in English written by non-native speakers, is the use of language structures from the author’s native language. English is designed to be written using English language structures. Conversely, the removal of non-English structures from an English text has an immediate and dramatic effect on fluency. 

This a very powerful tool

The authors I work with regularly win awards for their text. For example, in the first half of 2020, two papers written by Norwegian authors that I work with (publishing in English) won recognition for being a journal’s most downloaded in 2019. Their work was of course excellent. This is, however, also strong confirmation of the power of serious English language editing of text written by non-native speakers, and the ability of skillful English language revision to increase the power, effect and audience of your text.

If you are looking for academic text proofreading or language editing of your English text, then please get in touch.
I would be very happy to help you.