Native UK English speaker
I was born and spent the first 25 years of my life in the UK. I was educated to post graduate level in the UK and UK English is therefore my first and native language. I also have 2 Masters degrees, one within the natural sciences and the other within the social science area and post graduate research experience. All conducted in English.

Text editor
I have more than 15 years experience as a specialist academic text language editer and proofreader of academic texts written in English by Norwegian, Swedish and Danish native speakers. Articles, books and PhD theses in many different areas within the natural, pure and social sciences and humanities – history, sociology, art history, economics, music, engineering, geo-sciences, business studies, architecture, psychology and finance, to name just a few. Specialist academic text editing and proofreading for academics at very many Scandinavian universities, and for leading journals and academic publishing houses.

Freelance translator
I have 10 years experience as a freelance translator and have translated more than 10 million words from Norwegian, Swedish and Danish into English. I therefore know how to convert thoughts and ideas expressed using the structure of the three main Scandinavian languages into the structure of English.